It was a very close race in last week's Trailer Park poll with The Extra Man narrowly beating tying with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, both receiving 30 votes. Third place goes to The Other Guys with only 10 votes. How will this week's trailers rank and be voted upon? Read on...

I had to exclude a lot of new trailers this week, as it's one of those times when marketers are pushing last minute spots for late summer releases, and we're also getting our first looks at some of this fall's Oscar hopefuls. It's also fitting given that this is a weekend when so many great-looking movies have come out that I'm having trouble picking just what to see first (Toy Story 3? I Am Love? Cyrus? The Killer Inside Me, again?). What did I leave out of my ranking? Any movie we've seen a trailer for previously, including a number of animated films being sold to the TS3 crowd, such as Despicable Me and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, plus Resident: Afterlife, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, The American and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (which is losing my interest again, save for its soundtrack), has been left out. Sorry. Also, that Smurfs teaser never needs to be seen or heard again. And I'm waiting to hear if the OZ teaser is really real before ranking it.
My number one pick is an animated film's trailer, and hopefully it is being shown before TS3, though I kinda doubt it (please let me know if it is). I've been waiting more than six years for Sylvain Chomet's feature follow-up to The Triplets of Belleville -- with a minor tease in his silly live-action segment in Paris, je t'aime -- and The Illusionistdoes not look like it will be a disappointment in the least. I actually thought for a moment that it could even win the Oscar fore Best Animated Feature this year, but now that I'm seeing articles about how TS3 is good enough to be the first animated Best Picture winner, I'll simply say Chomet will at least predict the nomination, and note that it should still give Pixar some competition. Based on a script from the late, great Jacques Tati, the film is about a magician at a time when entertainment was changing.

Check out the trailer for The Illusionist and the rest of this week's rankings and vote in the latest poll below.

1. The Illusionist- I haven't yet seen this or TS3, but I do want this to win the Oscar as payback for 2004 (Finding Nemo wasn't that good). Of course, we know TS3 will be the Return of the King of animated movies, and not just because the first Toy Story films didn't have an animated feature category to win (though the first one did win a special award for John Lasseter). [YouTube]

2. Farewell- Fred Ward as Ronald Reagan. No need to say anything more. Oh okay, Willem Dafoe and Emir Kusturica are also in this Cold War thriller from Oscar-nominated filmmaker Christian Carion (Joyeux Noel). [iTunes Movie Trailers]

3. Somewhere- When do the father and daughter start conning people? Or, when does the daughter get kidnapped, resulting in Stephen Dorff going all vigilante on some foreigners? Just kidding, but I wanted to reference something else besides Lost in Translation. [iTunes Movie Trailers]

4. Never Let Me Go- This is what Mark Romanek did instead of The Wolfman. I have a feeling I'm going to be very glad about that, even if I am still waiting for him to make a real sci-fi movie, not some cross between An Education and Atonement. [iTunes Movie Trailers]

5. Conviction- I was expecting Julianne Moore's character (and accent) from 30 Rock to show up. Honestly, the only thing about this movie that interests me is Sam Rockwell's performance. It might be his Dead Man Walking crossed with his Mystic River. Not only may he finally be nominated, he could finally win, too. [YouTube]

6. Centurion- The opening sequence of Gladiator seems so tame now. If history is indeed written in blood, as the tagline says, this seems a good cinematic equivalent. I actually cringed a few times. [Hulu]

7. Middle Men- In the first few seconds, I realized how different the world was 15 years ago. Interestingly enough, 1995 is also a time before Luke Wilson's rise and fall as an actor. But this movie seems dated in a way that's necessarily a fitting reflection of the period. It looks like it should have been made for cable, maybe as a double feature with fellow Goodfellas-lite, Casino Jack -- the trailer for which has been pulled, unfortunately. [iTunes Movie Trailers]

8. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader- I haven't seen the first two Narnia movies, but this one had me intrigued with its mix of Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean. Then Stuart Little showed up and I remembered why I stayed away from the others. [Coming Soon]

9. Bitter Feast- I don't think I should say anything bad, just to play it safe. I don't want the filmmaker abducting and torturing me over a bad review of his work. Anyway, it kinda reminds me of The Player at one point, so that's good. [Daily Motion]

10. La Pantera Negra (International) - I know nothing about this Mexican sci-fi film noir, and it seems a bit on the silly side, but I like that black and white cinematography. And I figured it might appeal to some of our readers, though I'm uncertain it will ever come to U.S. theaters. Maybe if you vote for it, you can make that happen? [Twitch]