Night of the Living Dead is being remade. Again. Only this time it looks AWESOME.

Those fine folks over at Dread Central have unleashed the details concerning the interesting little piece of cinematic awesomeness known as Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated. Instead of a simple animated version of the film, which would be kinda cool in its own right, this DVD, which is brought to us by Wild Eye Releasing and MVD Visual, contains damn near 150 different artists paying homage to George Romero's classic film that essentially created the contemporary zombie as we know it.

Rob Hauschild of Wild Eye describes the collaboration as a "portable horror or zombie convention," and given the sheer number of special features and variety of animation found on the DVD, it sounds like he's spot on. Interpreting the film through their own styles, dozens of artists recreated scenes from the film using a variety of mediums, including stop-motion animation, CGI and even sock puppets. In addition, we're given a metric crapton of special features, including:
-Special horror host introduction from Count Gore De Vol
-Commentary with curator horror author Jonathan Maberry
-Making of NOTLD:R" commentary track
-NOTLD:R artist call-in commentaries
-Coloring Book contest entries
-Alternate/deleted scenes
-Short films
-Horror comics and related horror art
-Behind the Scenes: Animation Processes
-The Zombie Encounter Panel discussion video
-Night of the Living Box Art" video
...and more

The DVD hits stateside on July 27th, but if you can't wait that long and happen to be heading to the San Diego Comic Con this year, you can catch it in room 5AB at 9:30 on July 22nd. Catch the trailer below.

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