As the world waits to see if M. Night Shyamalan can regain his Hollywood mojo with The Last Airbender, rumors are swirling around Hollywood that the filmmaker is already shopping his next big project and has some A-list talent attached to star.

Shyamalan, no stranger to extreme secrecy, has been quietly circulating the new script to high level studio executives to drum up interest. No details about the plot are known -- because any executive who reads it has to agree to the filmmaker's stipulations. Those include having a Shyamalan assistant present to observe the reading. Said assistant then takes the script back when the exec is finished. Talk about cloak-and-dagger ...

Heat Vision broke the news about the new script and also has the inside scoop on who might turn up in the cast should it eventually get made. Bradley Cooper, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Bruce Willis are all "loosely attached" to star according to the article. One would have to assume that the presence of those three names would be enough to capture the attention of most studio bosses -- in spite of Shyamalan's recent box-office struggles.
Shyamalan, who rose to commercial and critical success thanks to twisty-turny films like The Sixth Sense has seen his stock fall in recent years. The Last Airbender is a huge departure for the writer-director, a film focused on big-budget special effects . Maybe this change of pace was exactly what the filmmaker needed to break out of his creative rut. I suppose we'll find out in the weeks and months ahead.

What do you think? Does news of a new Shyamalan flick inspire any excitement in you or is this where you yawn and think "Oh, another ponderous mainstream film with a big 'plot twist' and little else?" Opine below.