1. Where is Jasper Whitlock from?
A: Texas

2. Where is Isle Esme located?
A: Off the coast of Rio de Janeiro

3. What is Bella's first meal as a vampire?
B: mountain lion

4. Who was the first great Quileute Chief spirit warrior?
C: Kaheleha

5. Who did Jared imprint on?
B: Kim

6. What did Edward want Bella to challenge Emmett to once she became a vampire?
A: An arm-wrestling match

7. Why did Esme Cullen jump off a cliff when she was human?
B: Because her baby died.

8. What does Edward keep as a 'souvenir' after the first time they sit together at the cafeteria?
C: The lid of Bella's lemonade bottle

9. Who does Jacob imprint on?
A: Renesmee

10. What is Renesmee's power?
B: She can tell you what she's think by a touch of her hand.

11. In order from oldest to youngest, who are the oldest Cullens and Hales by human birth year?

A: Carlisle, Jasper, Esme, Edward, Alice, Rosalie, Emmet, Renesmee, Bella

12. What was the name of Rosalie's friend, whom she envied and who had a boy with brown curls?
B: Vera

13. Why doesn't Alice have any memory of being human?
C: She was kept in the dark all the time in an asylum.

14. How many men did Rosalie say she killed while getting her revenge?
A: 7 -- Royce, his 4 friends and 2 of his guards

15. What college are Bella and Edward enrolled at and tell Bella's parents they are attending?
B: Dartmouth

16. What color were Edward's human eyes?
B: Green

17. In 'Twilight,' how many takes were necessary to get the apple-kicked-up-into-hands trick done (with Bella in the cafeteria?)
A: Success on take 13

18. In 'Twilight,' what did Edward say about the thoughts of the people in the Port Angeles restaurant, in the correct order he said them?

B: "Money, sex, money, sex ... cat."

19. In 'New Moon,' where is Edward when he mistakenly thinks Bella is dead?

A: Brazil

20. The Cullens all wear jewelry with the Cullen crest. Edward and his brothers have leather cuffs – what about the rest of his family?
C: Carlisle - ring; Esme - bracelet; Alice and Rosalie - necklaces.

21. True or False: Bella is a vegetarian in both the books and the movies.
False – she is a vegetarian only in the movies. She eats a veggie burger at the diner in 'Twilight.'

22. Jessica Stanley in the movies is a combination of two characters in the books – which characters are they?
A: Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory

23. In 'Twilight,' who is singing the vocals on the soundtrack during the scene when Edward enters the cafeteria?
B: Lizzie Pattinson, Rob's sister

24. In 'New Moon,' which holidays do we see take place outside Bella's window, during the scene where she is sitting and staring at nothing after Edward left?
C: Halloween – kids trick or treating; Christmas – Charlie dragging in a tree

25. In 'New Moon,' when Bella is looking for the meadow, what special item is clipped to her backpack?
B: A golden compass, part of director Chris Weitz's "baggage" from his last film

26. In 'Twilight,' what did Jacob say he and Bella used to do when they were kids?
A: Make mud pies

27. In 'Twilight,' how did Billy Black get Jacob to go to the prom and ask Bella to break up with her boyfriend?
C: He paid him $20.

28. True or False: All the actors who play Quileutes are of Native American ancestry.

29. In 'New Moon,' what was the original color of Jacob's house, before the set people painted it red to stay true to the book?
B: Green

30. In 'New Moon,' what is the name of the movie that Jacob, Bella, and Mike Newton see on their triple date?
C: 'Face Punch'