- Since I haven't yet seen Toy Story 3 (must wait until my and another person's schedules align), I didn't completely read any of these analyses of the Pixar sequel. But I am bookmarking them to read after seeing the movie and thought I'd share them with the rest of you right away: Jordan Hoffman at UGO[via /Film] sees TS3 as an allegory for the Holocaust; possibly related to Devin Faraci's view of TS3 as a Christian film at CHUD.com, Aric Clark at Two Friars and A Fooltakes a look at afterlife parallels, which I've also heard mentioned elsewhere, including from director Lee Unkrich; finally, Movieline lists "8 ways TS3 is exactly like A.I.: Artificial Intelligence."

- More subtext: many of you have likely assumed A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 has intentional homosexual themes, but apparently most of the people involved with the sequel -- save for screenwriter David Chaskin -- were naive about it. Four Four shares a video excerpt from the Nightmare documentary No One Sleeps focused on the gay overtones.
- Oh, and while we're on the subject of sexuality, raise your hand if you've ever found Slimer from Ghostbusters attractive. It's your lucky night, because there's a Ghostbusters-themed burlesque show in which a person in a Slimer costume strips (sort of). It's pretty much safe for work unless your boss frowns at green papier-mache ghost boobs. Head over to Gamma Squadif you ain't afraid of no gross.

- Lucky Japanese. They will be able to see The Cove in theaters after all, at least until the next report that increased protesting shuts the Oscar-winning documentary out once again.

- Poor Californians. It's not bad enough their state is broke, but they might have to help their government out by unwillingly advertising products via their license plates. Movieline assumes, logically, that movie marketers will get involved.

- I didn't find this too amusing, but maybe it's because I've never had Pinkberry before. Or I'm so tired of the product-based movie ideas that even the spoofs don't do it for me. Also, if a dessert is going to get its own movie, it will be a Twinkie the Kid adaptation. Unless Jonah Hex indeed killed the western in Hollywood's mind again. Let me know if you liked this spoof and/or its sadly too-likely concept [via /Film]:

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