In a relatively ho-hum summer blockbuster season, it's now up to Christopher Nolan to try and woo audiences back into theaters with his latest -- a sci-fi thriller known as Inception. If this new clip is any indication, I'm expecting him to succeed.

Fans were miffed when the director announced that he'd be working alongside Leonardo DiCaprio on this film -- not because Inception didn't sound fantastic, but because it meant it would take the filmmaker away from the project everyone really wanted him to tackle -- the follow up to The Dark Knight. At this stage, it appears as though Nolan's decision to take a break from Batman might have been the best one -- Inception appears to be a slick thriller with a fantastic cast, and Nolan has allowed himself to walk away from Gotham City and recharge his batteries -- all the better for him to come back and tackle a third film about the Caped Crusader, refreshed and ready to go.

Hit the jump to learn more about Inception's plot and get your first look at the new trailer.
Inception is about as different from Batman as you can get -- without making a romantic comedy -- a film wherein DiCaprio stars as an "extractor." Extractors are able to go into the dreams of other people, mine the person's subconscious, and potentially steal their deepest secrets. DiCaprio's character is one of the best in the biz, but his latest job has turned the tables on him -- rather than steal something, he's called upon to assemble a team that will instead plant an idea in a target's head instead. The tricky maneuver is made more difficult by the presence of an enemy who knows their every move before they make it ...

The new teaser is filled with cool imagery of dream manipulation and introduces us to everyone on the team. I don't want to go too into detail about it, because it's best to watch it without knowing what's going to happen. I will say it's great to see Michael Caine. Every trailer should have some Caine in it, if you ask me.

Check out the clip below. Is Inception worthy of a release day viewing for you or will you take a more wait-and-see approach? I can tell you now that I'll be in line for this one Friday, July 16th.