HelloMovies.com is a pretty neat community-based website that I've been playing around with. It's a really smart and thorough aggregate system that allows you to search for movies based on "tastes," genre, release date, language, awards, what your friends liked, and so on. It also calculates how many hours of movies you've seen and the percentage of which movies you liked, and which movies you might like based on your ratings. There's a lot of user options -- you can write reviews, link to your reviews on a different site, upload posters or trailers, and lots more. And, of course, you can earn points on a level system, which will eventually earn you free goodies.

One of its more interesting features is that you can browse movies that are already available, rate or add them, and then watch them immediately -- for instance, the page for Dance of the Dead allows you to watch it for free on FEARnet, rent it from Netflix, or rent it from iTunes. It also pulls info from IMDb and links directly to that movie's page, and has info on any award the movie's won and so on. Naturally, it also can jack into your Facebook account (aka Skynet), and has some Facebook-like features like a "wall" for your buddies to post on. Other sites have tried this; I'm still experimenting with Miso, although it doesn't always have the option for the movie I'm watching and it's pretty bare bones, minus the iPhone app and the foursquare-like badge system. Flixster is another option, of course, and it's partnered with Rotten Tomatoes, which combines RT's database of critic reviews with a robust website that offers both user-generated content, official movie content, applications for different types of smart phones, and the ability to buy tickets online or from your phone.

HelloMovies uses the Movie Genome Project, which is the same idea as Pandora's Music Genome Project, both of which were inspired by the Human Genome Project. HelloMovies launched in 2009, but since then watching movies and TV shows online has become way more popular. It's definitely something I will continue to play around with, although I am always wary of any site that uses user-generated content to boost its own offerings.

Are you already a user of the site, or similar sites like Jinni? What are the pros and cons of such sites? Do you think it would be a smart investment for a bigger company to invest in or purchase?
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