It's been a few weeks since we heard any casting news for The Avengers -- so long, in fact, that I'd almost forgotten they were even making an Avengers movie ... Ok, not really, but there are some interesting new casting rumors out there. has sources close to Marvel who are saying that two roles are close to being filled. Firefly's Nathan Fillion -- who was first rumored to be involved with Marvel back in May -- is still the frontrunner to take on the part of Dr. Hank Pym while Eva Longoria will reportedly play Janet Van Dyne.

The source adds that Longoria -- who's been rumored for this part since 2008, when she was spotted outside the Marvel offices with a stack of comics -- is a done deal. Fillion, meanwhile, is apparently in final negotiations for a multi-film deal that would start with The Avengers and then cover sequels or spin-offs. With Comic-Con right around the corner, everyone's expecting official announcements from the show.
No word yet on how either character will be implemented into the film. Pym eventually becomes Ant-Man, a scientist who develops the ability to shrink down to insect size (yay?). Van Dyne was Pym's research partner and love interest. She eventually became The Wasp. It would seem likely that both characters will reveal their alter egos in The Avengers, but it remains unclear if their romantic relationship will be featured in the film or not. All this bug talk is making me crave some Cronenberg.

Either way, how do you feel about this potential casting news? I'm actually excited about the thought of Fillion as Pym (I've always liked the actor), but Longoria as The Wasp? Not quite so much. Do you think either character will even be featured prominently in the film given all the heavy hitters in The Avengers' line-up?