Fangoria FrightFest
has teamed up with Lightning Media and indie horror filmmakers to distribute their independent horror films via DVD, VOD, and digital download. Now, they need you to vote for your favorite film. The winner will receive a big-screen theatrical release in July -- so help a fellow horror nut out and make sure you hit the official FrightFest website to make your voice heard. Voters are entered to win one of three Las Vegas trips for two on Halloween weekend, a three-year Fangoria subscription, and two free screamography downloads.

Hit the jump for more info on the eight releases that have been chosen this year. Our own Mike Bracken can now sleep at night knowing what happened to Felicity and Ally McBeal.


Amy Nicholls (Calista Flockhart, Brothers & Sisters), the new night nurse at a soon-to-be-abandoned children's hospital, readies the last group of orphans to leave. But it becomes increasingly clear that these are not normal children. An atmospheric ghost story from Spanish director Jaume Balagueró (the [REC] trilogy, Darkness).

Grimm Love

In this fact-based thriller, German graduate student Katie Armstrong (Keri Russell, Waitress, TV's Felicity) is researching cannibalistic killer Oliver Hartwin (Thomas Kretschmann, King Kong, The Stendhal Syndrome) for her thesis. Obsessed with her subject, she plunges into "the lifestyle." Directed by Martin Weisz (The Hills Have Eyes II).

The Tomb

Director Michael Staininger's updated adaptation of the classic Edgar Allan Poe tale The Tomb of Ligeia. Successful writer and scholar Jonathan Merrick (Wes Bentley, American Beauty, Ghost Rider) falls under the spell of the bewitching beauty Ligeia, who is fighting a fatal illness. Willing to stop at nothing in a quest for immortality, Ligeia plots to steal souls ... beginning with Jonathan's. Co-starring Michael Madsen (Kill Bill) and Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) and produced by Jeff Most (The Crow).

Dark House

Directed by writer/producer Darin Scott (Tales From the Hood), this thriller is a high-tech take on the traditional "haunted house," featuring a charismatically maniacal performance by horror legend Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator, The Frighteners, Star Trek).


Steven Hentges' shocker stars Lori Heuring (Wicked Little Things, The In Crowd) in a physically and psychologically demanding role. Five strangers (including Heuring) find themselves trapped in an underground dungeon. Realizing they are the subjects of a sadistic experiment to test the depths of a human being's will to survive, their hunger increases as their humanity fades.

Pig Hunt

A young man and his pals embark on a guys' weekend to hunt wild boars on his late uncle's remote ranch. But as the group treks deeper into the forest, the awful truth is revealed about his uncle's demise and the hunters become the hunted. Called "Enjoyably offbeat hybrid horror" by Variety, this quirky action/thriller is directed by James Isaac (Skinwalkers, Jason X).

Road Kill

An Australian surprise starring emerging heartthrob Xavier Samuel (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and festival favorite The Loved Ones). In this supernatural thriller, a group of teenagers (including Samuel) embark on a road trip and find themselves menaced by a driver-less truck in the Australian outback.

The Haunting

This Spanish chiller from director Elio Quiroga (Fotos, La Hora Fria) was inspired by the Catholic Church's documentation of actual, unexplained supernatural phenomena in the '40s and stars Ana Torrent (Tesis) as a new mother driven to the brink of madness.
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