So, Marvel's gearing up for a Doctor Strange movie, possibly their first project under the Disney banner. They've got the guys who wrote the upcoming Conan relaunch on the job, which doesn't exactly get me fired up, mostly because I haven't seen anything from them and their upcoming slate looks very "Justin Marks" to me (Marks being the screenwriter inexplicably attached to a bunch of fan properties for no discernible reason, that is, until Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li came out. I don't hear much about Justin Marks these days).

They're going to need a director, and while the name being thrown around in geek circles the most is Guillermo del Toro, I still don't think he's the perfect guy for Doctor Strange, Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme. My fear is that the film, in del Toro's hands, would end up being a glossy, crowd-pleasing amalgamation of Hellboy and Iron Man. That's all well and good, and would probably supply a solid two hours of entertainment, but it won't feel like something we've never seen before.
I'd rather that people were talking about the possibility of Tarsem Singh on Doctor Strange. I don't think Tarsem's Doctor Strange would look much like anything we've ever seen before. The thought of him translating Steve Ditko's bizarre astral landscapes and ethereal battles to film makes the mind reel. Tarsem, like del Toro, is a visionary, but hasn't had the sort of mainstream opportunities that del Toro has pursued. Doctor Strange would be the perfect project to place Tarsem amongst the small list of geek favorite directors like Sam Raimi or Peter Jackson -- a trippy, psychedelic horror fantasy that plays to Tarsem's strengths as a remarkably visual storyteller, who can also get realistic performances out of his leads (see The Fall right away if you doubt that). Let's hope Marvel puts him on their "short list" right away.
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