It has been six years since the release of Meet the Fockers and in that time Ben Stiller's Greg and Teri Polo's Pam have had a couple of Little Fockers. Out goes director Jay Roach, who helmed the previous two installments, and in comes Paul Weitz, whose last two efforts for Universal, American Dreamzand Cirque Du Freak, didn't gross combined what the first sequel did in two days. So the guy could use a hit and we know he can deliver the broad humor, co-helming the original American Pie. What does the potentially concluding chapter in the trilogy offer?

The teaser delivers pretty much what we have come to expect out of these Focker flicks. Accidental personal harm takes place in the form of a turkey carving accident that would make Julia Child in Dan Aykroyd's shoes wince. There's a reminder that father-in-law Jack Byrnes is always watching his Greg. And when all else fails, throw in the freshest boner joke you can come up with. I really hope they throw in a good laxative joke just to even things out.

The erection gag comes courtesy of none other than Jessica Alba. No, she's not playing another stripper that doesn't take her clothes off to entice anyone. She works at a drug company, gives some new pills to Greg, Jack find them etc...etc... Dustin Hoffman is nowhere to be found in the trailer and, by one test screening report, not in the film either. Also joining the cast are Laura Dern as "the headmistress" and Harvey Keitel in a bit part reuniting him with DeNiro for the first time since Cop Land. Returning are Blythe Danner and Barbra Streisand as the mothers and Owen Wilson has been bumped up to third billing as Pam's ex to apparently add a further wrinkle into their marriage. The film opens on Dec. 22.

Watch the teaser over at Apple.