A few days ago, we reported that director M. Night Shayamalan is currently shopping his latest script around Hollywood. In typical M. Night fashion, there's an air of secrecy surrounding the project, but Deadline has managed to get some insight into what the story is about.

According to their sources, the untitled project -- which has Bradley Cooper, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Bruce Willis "loosely attached" as stars -- would be a story about a father (Cooper) searching for his missing child. To help the cause, he apparently turns to supernatural forces for assistance. Early buzz is calling it a "supernatural Taken" -- which is an intriguing description. CAA is showing the script and Universal appears to be the most interested party at this early stage.
Universal and Shyamalan already have a relationship, with the studio handling the distribution of John Dowdle's Devil -- the first title released under Shyamalan's The Night Chronicles production banner. Shyamalan and his cousin Ashwin Rajan launched the imprint to create a series of genre films made by up-and-coming directors and based on Shyamalan's ideas. They've just chosen their second project, Twelve Strangers -- a thriller wherein a jury is forced to debate a case involving the supernatural. Hmm ... I'm sensing a trend here.

The director's latest film, a big screen live-action version of the popular cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender (film version known simply as The Last Airbender to apparently avoid confusion with that other Avatar movie) opens on July 1.

Does the idea of a "supernatural Taken" pique your interest or can you already see how the film -- complete with a "mindblowing twist" will play out in your head? Discuss.