The good news: the L.A. Times's 24 Frames blog reports that the film rights to Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles have been optioned.

The bad news: they've been optioned by John Davis, the producer of such scifi mis-steps as I, Robot, Alien Vs. Predator and Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem.

Now don't panic. I mean, panic a little but don't go into hysterics. Breathe through your mouth.

Let's talk our way through this thing. First of all, ignore the fact that Davis produced the AVP movies. This movie has sturdy source material, stuff that goes beyond a Super Nintendo video game. In that sense, it'll probably be closer to I, Robot, which as an adaptation failed miserably but as an action movie "suggested by" Isaac Asimov's short stories was...watchable? How else to describe that movie? It was bearable. No? Ok, I won't press that point. The point is: The Martian Chronicles is a complex story of interweaving vignettes. And it's being remade by one of the producers of Marmaduke. Huff puff, ok, lets move on to the second point.

Second: we don't know who the creative team for this thing is. You never know, they could surprise you and pull George Illiadis out of their hats or something. See? This thing's looking better already, right?

Thirdly: Davis has produced other science fiction flicks, like the original Predator and Stuart Gordon's Fortress. He also co-produced Paycheck, Eragon, Predator 2, the live-action Garfield, Richie Rich and Grumpier Old Men. Quick, final point, final point!

Final thought: this thing may not even be made. And wouldn't that be something? A science fiction film being optioned and never made. How novel. But considering that David is a Fox producer and they just made big bank on Avatar, I tend to doubt that this thing will go away. You may continue panicking now.
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