- The Make-A-Wish Foundation recently arranged for a 9-year old with leukemia to have his very own Millennium Falcon fort.

- Wolfgang Peterson is attached to direct an "adaptation" of Rock Em' Sock 'Em Robots for Mattel. How you adapt a toy as pointless and stupid as Rock Em' Sock 'Em Robots is actually less bizarre to me than how the guy who made Das Boot is now making toy movies.

- The Weinstein Company had to recently give possession of over 200 of its films to Goldman Sachs as part of their debt restructuring. Considering IMDb lists 213 titles under TWC's belt, I don't think that leaves the duo with sole ownership of much of anything.

- Bloomberg is reporting that Sony may be announcing as early as next week a partnership with Hulu that would put the video service on the PS3.

- Paramount Pictures have slated David O. Russell's The Fighter, starring Mark Whalberg and Christian Bale, for a December 10th, 2010 release date.

- Liam Gallagher wants to produce a biopic of his own (ex)band Oasis. I'm sure it will be totally objective.
- Tom Cruise can never stop running:

- City of God director Fernando Meirelles will direct 360, a script from Peter Morgan about "sexual morals within and between social classes". Vague premise, sure, but Morgan and Meirelles together is bound to be something special. And by something special, I mean Oscar bait.

- 30 Minutes or Less is shaping up nicely: Fred Ward joins Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, Michael Pena, Nick Swardson and Aziz Ansari in the action-comedy about a pizza-delivery guy and a history teacher who are forced to rob a bank.

- Want to be a movie producer? All you have to do is donate to Emily "Zombie Girl" Hagins' next film, My Sucky Teen Romance. Make it happen right over here.

My Sucky Video Pitch from Emily Hagins on Vimeo.

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