Cinematical has just received this exclusive poster for writer/director Ryan Piers Williams' feature film debut, The Dry Land, which stars Ryan O'Nan, America Ferrera (who is also executive producer), Jason Ritter, Melissa Leo, and Wilmer Valderrama. Another look at how the Iraq War impacts the lives of its soldiers, you might think it's just another for the pile, but this film screened at the Dallas International Film Festival earlier this year, earning one of their main prizes -- the Narrative Feature award.

The film focuses on one man's struggle (O'Nan) to come to terms with life after war, and how a veteran navigates the woes of amnesia and harsh memories to find peace. The film will hit theaters on July 30th, so check out the full poster in the gallery below, and hit the jump for the film's official synopsis.
The Dry Land marks the feature film debut from Writer/Director Ryan Piers Williams, telling the story of James (Ryan O'Nan), a veteran of the Iraqi conflict, as he returns home to a small town in West Texas and struggles to reconcile his experiences overseas with the life and family he left at home. Having only scattered memories of the deadly hit on his humvee in Iraq, James quickly slips back into the rhythm of his home life with his wife, Sara (Executive Producer America Ferrera), and his mother, Martha (Academy Award nominee Melissa Leo). However, taking a new job at his Father-In-Law's (Benito Martinez) slaughterhouse begins to stir his dormant anxieties.

After a night of drinking with co-workers Michael (Jason Ritter) and Joe (Evan Jones) escalates into gunplay, James seeks help at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in an attempt to confront the realities of his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He returns home to find Sara moving out, overwhelmed by James' erratic behavior.

Left to his own devices, James sets off on a road trip to piece together the details of the hit on his unit, starting with a visit to Army buddy Raymond Gonzalez (Wilmer Valderrama). When Raymond discovers that James doesn't remember, he urges him to leave the past behind. James tells Raymond that he is going to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to visit fellow survivor Henry (Diego Klattenhoff), a double amputee. Seeing it as an opportunity to escape his own difficulties in transitioning back into civilian life, Raymond decides to join James on his journey.

Upon learning the unnerving truth from Henry, James returns home to find his life in pieces. He is left to contemplate what, if anything, can finally bring him peace.