With filming set to begin in the coming weeks, the cast for Scream 4 came together in just under a month. The whole thing kicked off with news of Lake Bell being in negotiations for a role and offers being sent to Ashley Greene, Hayden Panettiere and Rory Culkin. From there, things started to solidify; Greene is out and Emma Roberts is in, Panettiere and Culkin are officially on board, Nico Tortorella joins the gang as does Lauren Graham and, most recently, Anthony Anderson and Marielle Jaffe as well. Wes Craven seems to have no trouble attracting talent, but he has hit a bump in the road in terms of holding on to it. As tweeted by Bell (via Coming Soon), she will no longer be in the production due to scheduling conflicts. Here's the tweet in its entirety:

Sucks: Scheduling conflicts with my current gig means I cant do #Scream4! (Hey horror bloggers, I know who the killer is...) #i'llnevertell

On the bright side, it shouldn't be difficult to find someone else to play the role of Deputy Judy Hicks. She's "decidedly sexy but a bit off" and knew Sidney Prescott from back in high school, but never really made an impression on our former heroine.
So we're talking not standard Hollywood sexy; someone who's pretty, but still has a unique look. There are certainly enough of those out there and enough that might actually be better options than Bell. I never had an issue with her casting, but there really isn't anything on her resume that's that great. Over Her Dead Body, What Happens in Vegas and It's Complicated? All films I could have done without. I'm guessing that scheduling conflict she's referring to is the HBO show How to Make It in America. I tried watching the first few episodes of the first season, but couldn't get into it. Apparently that's not the case for a significant amount of other TV viewers because the show was renewed for a second season.

Anyway, let's have some fun with her exit. Judy Hicks is a deputy and will likely come face to face with the killer at some point, so she's got to be able to deliver a serious beat down or at least be able to handle a gun. Here are a few ladies that could be excellent candidates.

1. Michelle Rodriguez: When you're looking for a rough and touch actress, she's got to be one of the first that comes to mind. She's played the girl that won't take crap from anyone in a number of films like Blue Crush, S.W.A.T., Avatar and more. No, they're not all great, but they do show Rodriguez is a natural at being armed and dangerous. The only thing she'd have to tame if cast in Scream 4 is her intensity. This is Woodsboro, not Pandora.

2. Jordana Brewster: A little movie linking, courtesy of The Fast and the Furious, leads me to Brewster. She's pretty, but far from the blond bombshell type, has no problem handling firearms thanks to D.E.B.S. and is experienced in the horror genre. She fought aliens with homemade drugs in The Faculty and even went up against a masked serial killer, Leatherface.

3. Maggie Gyllenhaal: Why not throw an Oscar nominee into the mix? Gyllenhaal has zero slasher experience on her resume, but a little bit of everything else and she's fantastic at it all. Combine her characters from The Dark Knight and Away We Go and we might have that sexy, but off combination that Craven is looking for.
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