Do my eyes deceive me or are people really talking about next year's Oscars telecast already? With the recent news that Don Mischer would produce and direct next year's Academy Awards, speculation is already running rampant about what he might have in store for us. Two things stick out -- a date change and an appearance for the Internet's newest favorite celebrity, Betty White.

The 24 Frames film blog (The LA Times) sat down with Mischer and got to the bottom of things.

As far as the rumors of the telecast being moved to January, Mischer says it's not happening. "If you want to make that kind of change you have to plan for that a year and a half in advance. I understand why the academy might want to consider it. But it's not going to change anything this year." It would seem as though we can now put that rumor to rest once and for all ... for now.

The more interesting rumor -- and one that appears as though there might be a kernel of truth to it, is that Betty White would host ...
White's suddenly red hot after appearing on Saturday Night Live recently and experiencing something of a career renaissance thanks to a new generation of fans discovering her work. Mischer mentions her when he's asked about who might host this year's broadcast. "All options are open. And I'm sure we'll get a big push for Betty White. I can feel it coming."

When asked the follow up question about whether or not he'd have White on the show, he gave fans everywhere hope with this response. "I think she'd be great in some capacity. [Laughs.] I don't know if she'd want to host the whole show."

What do you think? Betty White would almost assuredly be funnier than some of the show's previous hosts. I say give her the job.