Josh Peck is underappreciated. He may have amassed a nice fan base during his Drake & Josh run, but it's about time he gets some bigger and better roles on the big screen. He's already proven he can handle it. Back in his chubbier days, Peck was fantastic in Mean Creek as the local bully who finds himself in a dangerous situation and, more recently, in The Wackness as a drug dealer who trades marijuana for therapy sessions. If it weren't for MGM's current situation, I'd be pleased to inform you that you'll finally get the chance to see Peck in a big budget production in the fall, but at this point, nobody really knows when or if Red Dawn will hit theaters.

This is why it's fantastic to catch a story on Pajiba revealing that Peck will star in the film The Siege of Fulton Avenue. No, this likely won't be a $100 million production, but it's still more face time for Peck and that's more than enough for me. The film is based on David Amsden's New York Magazine article about the true story of a group of Westchester, New York teens who opt to lock themselves inside the house when the cops come to break up their party.

I never really found the article itself adaptation-worthy. The kids are partying, the cops show up, they turn out the lights in hopes the cops will just leave and when they don't, lock themselves in until their angry parents show up about three hours later. Been there, done that. (Well, minus the three-hour standoff and parental involvement.) This is sounding like more of an "inspired by true events" piece. In fact, Pajiba reveals that it'll be a comedy à la Risky Business, Can't Hardly Wait and Superbad. Now that sounds more like it.
Peck is an excellent first step, but this will probably involve an ensemble cast, so it'll be interesting to see who joins him. Then there's the issue of a director. When this project was first announced back in 2007, George Tillman Jr. was the man for the job, but that's no longer the case. Why not tap the man behind Superbad himself, Greg Mottola? Paul is in post-production and I'm not aware of anything else on Mattola's agenda, so this could be a great option for him. Hopefully this time around The Seige of Fulton Avenue is really happening and we'll have more details coming our way soon, but, in the meantime, check out the source material for yourself here.
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