No sooner than I was explaining yesterday to someone that the studios need to maximize their catalog release potential with marketing hooks such as remakes, anniversaries or celebrity passings, does Universal deliver some glorious news. This Saturday (July 3) marks the 25th anniversary that Robert Zemeckis' ultimate time travel masterpiece, Back to the Future, debuted in theaters. Spending some eleven weeks as the #1 film at the box office (a now antiquated notion these days outside of a James Cameron film), the film that turned into one of the most beloved trilogies ever now promises to look better than ever when it comes to Blu-ray on Oct. 26, 2010.

Packaged together like the original DVDs, the three films will maintain all of the original bonus features from the multiple commentaries, deleted scenes and, most importantly, Huey Lewis' "Power of Love" music video. Those who own "The Complete Trilogy" on DVD though will need to pony up again if you want the new six-part retrospective documentary, "Tales from the Future", which will be available on both the Blu-ray and DVD versions of the new "25th Anniversary Trilogy" set. Exclusives to the Blu-ray release include storyboard comparisons, a trivia track, a "setups & payoffs" feature that tips you off to hints that establish future plot points and NBC's original half-hour special, "Back to the Future Night" hosted by Leslie Nielsen that debuted just before the broadcast premiere of the film.

2010 has become a celebration of all things Back to the Future. Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, James Tolkan and Claudia Wells have been making the rounds at screenings across the country benefitting the Michael J. Fox foundation (to which I was honored to host a Q&A of.) The 1985 classic has made it into the Elite 8 of Cinematical's Best Summer Movie of All-Time Tournament (where voting continues.) And it is a simple reminder that some films amongst a sea of reboots, reimaginings and flat-out remakes cannot, will not and should never be touched. Unless they are to Blu-ray, of course. Now if Universal can get on that 35th anniversary edition of Jaws to the format, our year would be complete. I don't think we can wait until 2015 for the 40th when Jaws 19 will be adorning theaters in 3-D. Although Cubs fans will be more than happy to take the World Series victory over Miami.
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