As Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows prepares to bring the long and insanely successful franchise to its magical end, the kids are sussing out their post-wizard lives. We've got Harry heading to the Western Front, Emma Watson hanging with Wallflowers, and now Tom Felton, otherwise known as the wimpy, snarling tow-head Draco Malfoy, is heading for a different type of magical action opposite Michael Biehn.

Instead of brooms and cauldrons, this flick is being pitched as a "military mutant horror" that seems to intermingle Outbreak with the insanity of the awesome foreign horror flick, The Host, and the ridiculousness of that Grindhouse trailer Thanksgiving. How can you resist hitting the jump for more?
Moviehole reports that British director Peter MacDonald (who has worked as a 2nd unit on Potter) is cooking up this strange tale called Evac, which sees a potential worldwide poultry disaster brewing on the days leading up to Christmas. It seems that something happened to Russia's poultry farmers, who then descend upon a government lab eager to bite anyone near them. A few days later, a Russian ship gets to Anchorage, Alaska and begins to unload its cargo of turkeys for the citizens of the town and local army base.

On Christmas Day, Sgt. Gerry Maguire and three others get what they think is a bum deal -- patrol while the others partake in the turkey dinner. When they return that evening, however, the base is deserted. "Little do they know what they are about to be faced with could change Christmas, and possibly the entire country, forever." Moviehole says Felton is rumored as playing Maguire. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Biehn plays the jerk who sends the guys out, but let's hope he's one of the movie's fighters instead.

The film is slated to hit production later this year. Are you ready for killer turkeys with a taste of Felton and Biehn?
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