A couple of weeks ago, Jeffrey came up with the great idea of a double bill of Keanu Reeve's 90's actioner, Speed with the German thriller Run Lola Run, and I instantly decided that if I could only watch one movie, it was going to have to be Lola. As much as I may love Mr. Reeves in a buzz cut, I loved Tom Tykwer's tale of Lola and Manni more. The story of two lovers caught in the 'groundhog day' from hell was written and directed by Tywker and starred Franka Potente as Lola. The movie is one of the most entertaining thrillers you will ever see, and since it's the subject of today's Summer Scenes (Songs) We Love it bears repeating that the film had one hell of a soundtrack.

The story of Lola's quest to save her boyfriend and replace 100,000 DMs that belong to a mobster, was one of the most creative films to be released in the summer of 1999. Tykwer played with time and space to create a movie that is short, snappy and, in a word; fantastic. When that bass is pumping you can feel every tick of the clock and every footstep thumping as Lola tries one more time to help Manni make it out alive.
The soundtrack was created by by Tykwer, Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil, and is easily one of the top 20 soundtracks of all time. Normally when you find out the lead actress is on the soundtrack it's a cause for alarm, but not this time, Potente is right at home as a dance diva. Techno music ages faster than any other -- and if you don't believe me take a listen to some of those 90's techno hits that seemed oh-so cutting edge..you'll cringe, trust me. But, Lola's music is so deeply tied to the film itself that it goes beyond being a thumping dance music, it's an integral part of this amazing movie that took everyone by surprise.

As an added bonus; another 90s EuroTechno classic from the soundtrack...
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