When I -- very late in the game -- fell in love with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, I failed to realize that it shouldn't have been surprising that I loved it. This was the brain child of Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the duo who brought us one of the funniest cartoons of all time -- even if it only lasted a mere 13 episodes -- Clone High. They were all over their creation -- writing, directing, and even voicing parts (Miller was JFK and Lord was Scudworth).

And now they're gearing up for a new film, and between thoughts of clone makeovers and foodie science, hopes for this one are really, really high. ...especially when it's going to be a world of LEGO. Yes folks, the little plastic pieces are moving away from after-the-fact movie-based gaming and into feature films themselves.
THR's Heat Vision reports that Warner Bros. is prepping a LEGO flick and Lord and Miller are in final negotiations to write and direct it. There's no word at all on the plot, but the feature will mix live action and animation rather than simply setting a story all in LEGO. I'm not so keen on that idea, but apparently the execs were trying to figure out which direction they wanted to go, and the pair came up with an idea that used both and ended the need for a decision.

The trick will be keeping hopes and anticipation down so that the new film gets a chance to screen fairly. I just hope that this time the awesome female co-star gets to be a star instead.

Are you primed for cinematic LEGO?
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