- Can Amanda Seyfried personify both Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella? She's been cast as the former for a while, and now she's rumored to be starring in a live-action version of the latter for Disney, based on the studio's animated classic. The redo comes via screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada) and will likely be in 3D with plenty of CGI mice and birds. Bippidy-Boppidy-Boo-Hoo. [via The Playlist]

- Maybe love will turn me around, but I'm having trouble accepting Kevin James in the Kenny Rogers role for Fox's Six Pack remake. Pajiba reports that he's been offered the part, leading me to assume racing star Brewster Baker will no longer be the kind of ladies man he was back in '82. Also, now at the helm, replacing David Gordon Green, is Marmaduke's Tom Dey. I guess I just hope the eventual redo of The Beniker Gang will make amends.
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