- Hollywood, you don't need to remake every significant foreign film, especially those which the English-language version won't have any wide appeal than the original. Case in point: a redo of Departures, which won the Oscar a couple years ago, probably won't have any more explosions, vampires or twist endings than the Japanese film did.

- Fans of last year's acclaimed Chilean film The Maid have something new to look forward to from director Sebastian Silva, a more universal work titled Old Cats, about an elderly couple that gets a potentially lucrative visit from their daughter and her girlfriend.

- Stephen Bishop will play former outfielder David Justice in the adaptation of Moneyball. If he knows what's good for him, he'll prepare for the role by going out with Halle Berry -- though I doubt she'll want to relive the experience.
- Heather Graham has been cast as nutty Aunt Opal in an adaptation of Megan McDonald's children's book Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer. McDonald co-wrote the script with TV scribe Kathy Waugh and John Schultz (Aliens in the Attack) will direct.

- Time to dislike the Russians again! No, not because of the spy ring. Because they don't care for Toy Story 3, which is a big "flopski." Are they upset the Pixar film doesn't feature Nesting dolls as a major character(s)?

- You knew there would eventually be a District 9 parody involving the World Cup. But did you think it would be this bad?

- Want to know how to look and act just like Liza Minnelli? You can study the two whole hours she was on HSN Wednesday night and buy the clothes she hocked on the shopping channel. For the rest of us who just want to be stunned, there's a highlight reel edited down by Rich Juzwiak of FourFour:

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