Update: Shock 'Til You Drop has learned that Williamson is still around, but just busy with The Vampire Diaries, so Kruger is helping out. That's marginally better, but still not the best news for Scream fans.

If you were skeptical about the return to Woodsboro and Scream 4, prepare to rejoice. And if you were optimistic, hold on to your seats -- a pretty troublesome bit of information has hit the wire. While covering the latest bits of casting news, Zap2It has been offering up some context. It seems that, first, Lauren Graham left because rewrites had substantially reduced her role. This isn't so shocking -- you sign on for a good part, it gets diminished, you leave. Roles get axed from films all the time.

But that's only the start of the script woes, which continue with more star unrest and one hell of a pinch-hitter replacement shocker ...
The site reports that this is no longer Kevin Williamson's baby. They claim that the film is now in the hands of Ehren Kruger -- the man who wrote The Ring, Transformers 2 & 3, and more importantly, gave Sidney Prescott a bland, terrible exit with Scream 3. In fact, they say he's taken over completely, as in Williamson is completely out and "Scream 5 is a no-go at this time."

And it's not only fears of crappifying the film further. Sources tell the site that Hayden Panettiere's role has been massacred, with claims that it "used to be really sharp," but has been "dumbed down significantly," leaving the actress "beyond frustrated with the changes."

Even as one of the skeptics, I really hope this whole scenario isn't true. Who in their right mind would let Kruger take a second -- pardon the pun -- stab at it after 3? And after all that work getting Wes Craven back, I can't imagine he'd just let Williamson get replaced like that, and let one of his female leads be "dumbed down." If this is all true, here's one person who isn't giving the Woodsboro survivors another chance at good horror carnage.

And to think I thought the news that Mary McDonnell nabbed a role was something to celebrate...
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