Hollywood's been busy casting moms:

First up, Variety reports that Virginia Madsen has signed on to play Amanda Seyfried's mother in the upcoming medieval thriller Red Riding Hood. Nothing new is being said about the Catherine Hardwicke film, nor anything specific about the role, but it's just one more piece in an increasingly interesting puzzle. While it must just be more dark fare to follow in Twilight's footsteps, you might remember that this project already has the likes of Julie Christie and Gary Oldman attached, not to mention Lukas Haas and Shiloh Fernandez. Now if only Hollywood could give Ms. Madsen roles that give her something other than parenting to do... But at least she's in good company with this one.

Hit the jump to see a mom for the Team Jacob contingent.
In a second piece of blonde-mom news, THR's Risky Business reports that Elisabeth Rohm will take over for Emily Mortimer as Taylor Lautner's biological mother in Abduction. I'm really interested to see who the dad will be to offer up Lautner's, well, non-light-skinned-blonde look. Perhaps it's a matter of personality for mom and son. His Twilight Jacob could surely challenge her old Detective Lockley (Angel) for supreme annoying one.

RB's synopsis makes it sound like a normal drama -- a young guy hits the road when he sees his baby picture on a missing persons website and realizes mom and dad aren't really his parents. But this is Mr. Ripply Pec Action Boy Lautner, and this discovery doesn't set him on a path of personal discovery, so much as huge action with KGB and CIA peeps, according to other reports.
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