A few months back we heard the news that Marvel was planning to expand their movie universe by making smaller films based on their lesser known commodities, giving Iron Fist and She Hulk fans the world over a reason to put down the pills and keep on living. There was one name bandied about more than any other, and that name was ... Dr. Strange. However, he seems to be getting his own big-budget movie, so let's concentrate on another character I've heard mentioned quite often: Luke Cage.

We're talking about Luke Cage today because one person has made it very clear that he wants the role: Isaiah Mustafa. You may not know his name, but chances are you've seen him in those absolutely amazing one-shot Old Spice commercials where he effortlessly proves that he's a better man than you and me. Mustafa talked about wanting the role while making an appearance on G4's Attack of the Show (you can watch the segment after the jump), and while the chances of a charismatic but completely unproven commercial actor getting the lead in a Marvel production are certainly slim, I really can't deny that the man has some pretty serious presence.
Luke Cage was one of the first black superheroes, a man sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit who gains impervious skin and super strength after a science experiment gone horrible wrong and/or right. Naturally, he puts these skills to use as a detective for hire and so on and so forth. Nothing too complex here -- just some blaxploitation-inspired ass kicking.

This isn't the first time we've heard of an actor wanting to play Luke Cage. Tyrese Gibson was attached to this role for a long time, but that particular version seems to have completely vanished after a few years in production hell, leaving the slate wide open. What say you, Luke Cage fans? Based on his limited exposure, would you like to see Mustafa in the role?

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