When the highly acclaimed cable series Party Down was canceled last week, I predicted that it would be the new Arrested Development in terms of spawning years of wishing, speculating and teasing about a feature-length spin-off. Some fans have also been suggesting a more modest follow-up in the form of a special, a la the UK version of The Office, but no TV show can either be prematurely ended or a huge hit without there being talk of a big screen continuation. So it's no surprise that Lizzie Caplan mentioned talk of such an idea in an interview with HitFix:

"We want it so bad," she told the site on Friday. "We could do it for no money, no time. We would do it for free. I just don't know if we're legally allowed to do it."

I don't know what the law has to do with it. If creator Rob Thomas -- who had in the past tried to get his show Veronica Mars into theaters with a film spin-off -- wanted to make a Party Down movie, he would obviously work out whatever was legally necessary to do so. I'm also curious who Caplan means by "we," in her statement. Is the rest of the cast interested? Actually, I don't want to know. All this is going to do is lead to further interviews with Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Martin Star and, why not, even occasional guests like Joey Lauren Adams in which reporters ask for a crumb of a comment about the inkling of a chance of a possibility that a movie might happen.
I'm already sick of the idea and as much as I followed Party Down rather faithfully from the start, I'm not that upset it's done. I think the message of the show came through best in the company picnic episode, and the actual, highly repetitive plot-lines had few places to go in another whole season. But maybe there is room for the crew of Party Down Catering to work a Bluth Company function in the Arrested Development movie, in which Jack Bauer must also team-up with Veronica Mars in order to crack some kind of terrorist plot related to the Iraqi mini-palace deal and they all end up crashed on a mysterious island inhabited by a smoke monster.
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