We've had lots of Mad Max news over the past few weeks: Tom Hardy taking on the lead role, the rumor that they'd shoot not one, but two films back to back, and rumblings of making it 3D have all gotten play lately. Now comes another story, this one not nearly as exciting as the ones that came before it.

The Australian is reporting that the next Mad Max film has been delayed. Originally slated to start filming in Australia this November, Fury Road has now been pushed back to February of 2011. No official reason was given for the delay, but speculation is that it was inevitable once they decided to shoot two films in succession -- this move has apparently created some scripting and casting issues that need to be resolved before things can move forward.
The bad news comes on the heels of two other announcements. Special effects wizards at New Zealand's WETA have officially announced their involvement with the production. We've also heard from director George Miller that the film will be shot in Real 3D. He told Inside Film that he's "working on 3D advancements" for the movie.

Mad Max: Fury Road marks the fourth installment in the popular franchise that began with Mad Max back in 1979. If all goes according to plan, Miller and company will shoot Fury Road then begin work on Mad Max: Furiosa. Sounds like good news for anyone who loves violent post-apocalyptic films -- like me! I'm disappointed that there's a delay on Fury Road and I'm not really convinced that Mad Max needs to be in 3D, but I'm still excited about this project. Do you think we might get a Mel "Crazy Pants" Gibson cameo or have his recent troubles killed that dream of mine?