Poor, poor Matt Damon. It was just last July when we heard that his Green Zone would be getting bumped back to the following March. Now, after that film underperformed for Universal, they've been forced to shake up their slate again.

According to BOM, that puts Damon's new sci-fi/romance thriller, The Adjustment Bureau, back to next March, where Zone, Repo Men and Duplicity all failed to find much of an adult audience for the studio. Who knows, though? At the moment, it would hardly seem to face much competition on the 4th from Johnny Depp's goofy-looking cartoon project, Rango, although that could change...

Moving into Bureau's Sept. 17th slot is the M. Night Shyamalan-produced Devil, whose simple hook -- several people are trapped in an elevator with the Devil in disguise -- could lure away young crowds more interested in it than the easy laughs of Easy A, while older adults go to see cops-and-robbers drama The Town (so low-profile so far that it might move yet) and kids drag their parents to sit through Alpha and Omega (3D! Ka-ching!).

But wait! There's more!
Shot back in 2007 and sitting on a shelf somewhere since, the Topher Grace-Anna Faris comedy Kids in America (a.k.a. Young Americans) will get burned off the weekend after Thanksgiving, December 3rd, just as Transylmania, Awake and Punisher: War Zone were in years past. A couple of weeks before, on November 12th, we get young Americans on the run from a mysterious light in the sky in Skyline (at best, it could be the next Cloverfield; at worst, the second coming of The Happening).

Looking forward to 2011, Bradley Cooper's psychological thriller, The Dark Fields, gets a bump up to January 21st; that leaves March 18th open for the Simon Pegg-Nick Frost sci-fi comedy Paul (yay!). Last and only least because it's barely on my radar is the underwater adventure Sanctum, presented in 3-D (ka-ching!) on February 4th, leaving March 4th vacant for -- you guessed it -- Matt Damon.

Poor Matt Damon.
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