Cinematical's newest regular continues its look at things happening for UK film fans in a week packed with monster movies, football (not soccer) tournaments and 80s revivals. So without further ado, we continue our new column picking five film-related things with which to occupy your time if you're in the UK.

5. Witness South Africa's Darker Side

Indie pickings are slim this week, what with Twilight and Predators taking up screens, but there are plenty of monsters to be found in Gangsters' Paradise: Jerusalema, set amidst South Africa's criminal underworld. Ralph Ziman's film is rooted in cinema, with its characters taking cues from Heat and Scarface as they strike terror into the hearts of the population of Johannesburg. Based on the true story of shady boss Lucky Kunene, it's a fast paced and frenetic look at crime run rampant in post-Apartheid South Africa.
4. Watch the World Cup

We promise not to make a habit of a sporting entry every week – particularly since our championing of British boys tennis star and former actor Oliver Golding immediately preceded him crashing out in the semi-finals of Wimbledon – but it'd be remiss of us not to point out that Sunday 11th July marks the final of the World Cup, a sporting event you can watch on a giant cinema screen if you pop along to places like the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton, where the game will be screened for free from 7:30. Holland will play Spain in the final, after an octopus correctly predicted the latter country's victory over semi-finalists Germany. Which is what football is all about.

3. Prepare for the Eclipse

There's no avoiding it, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 'officially' opens in the UK today, though it's already taken close to £5m in preview showings. The critics say it's the best of the three, the Twi-Hards are too excited to speak and the rest of us can just be bemused by the spectacle. Whatever your position, though, there's no doubting that the Twilight franchise is bit of a big deal. Check out our review here, though we suspect you've already decided whether or not you'll be seeing it.

2. Hit 80s Night in Soho

The Curzon cinemas are some of the best Indie venues in the capital city, and on Friday 9th they've got a prime antidote for anyone interested in finding out what real vampire and werewolf movies look like. While Eclipse steals every multiplex screen in the country, the Curzon Soho will be putting on a special 90s night, screening a double bill of Teen Wolf and The Lost Boys. The fun begins at 10 PM, with attendees boozing on retro cocktails and crooning out some karaoke. The films start at a quarter to midnight, and a late bar with live music stays open until 2 AM.

1. Defeat Predators

The verdict is in: Predators is a proper return for a franchise much overdue some big-screen love. With Paul WS Anderson and The Brothers Strause going out of their way to deliver the most objectionable AvP movies imaginable, it seemed hope was lost for the mandibled hunter of John McTiernan's classic original. But Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal have gone back to basics to deliver a film that feels like a proper 80s action movie shot with the conveniences of modern moviemaking techniques. Of course, some disagree (beware spoilers), but considering the other monster movie playing this weekend, it's nice to have a grown-up option to play with. Read our review.

Are you based in the UK? What are you planning to see this weekend? And if there's something coming up in the UK you think we should feature, make sure to let us know!
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