Welcome back to the effervescent SciFi Squad Movie Club, where we pick a movie, watch it over the weekend and have a delightful chat about it come Monday morning. My choice for this week is a no-brainer considering what's hitting theaters this week.

Predator (1987)

Who's Involved?

John "Best Action Director of All Time Until the 1990s Hit" McTiernan, Arnold "Now My Muscles Are Political" Schwarzenegger, Carl "You Got a Stew Going!" Weathers, Jesse "My Muscles Used to be Political" Ventura, Bill "I Eat Green Berets For Breakfast" Duke and a large alien hunter who wants your head on his wall of trophies.

strong>What's It About?

The greatest team of 1980s badasses ever assembled goes into the jungle on a mission to blow stuff up really good. They didn't count on the invisible extra-terrestrial who has come to Earth for some big game hunting, AKA, blasting laser holes through tough-as-nails commandos and ripping their spines from their bodies as trophies so it can brag to its buddies back home. Of course, Mr. Predator didn't count on the inexplicably Austrian leader of the team to put up quite the challenge that he does, culminating in a battle of wits and unmatched levels of testosterone-driven aggression.

Why Should You Watch It?

I'm working under the assumption that 99.6% of the people who read this site have seen Predator before. To celebrate the release of the second sequel, Predators, how about you go revisit this weekend? It's held up remarkable well and you will not be disappointed.

As for the final 0.4%...what are you waiting for?! Predator is one of the greatest science fiction action movies ever made, blending ultraviolent '80s action (including some of Arnie's greatest absurd one-liners) with a clever sci-fi riff on "The Most Dangerous Game." The result is an ultraviolent, raw and tense film, never subtle but far more intelligent and well crafted than most people give it credit for. The Predator itself has become such a staple of lunchboxes and action figures and terrible spin-offs that it's easy to forget how awesome Stan Winston's original design for the alien monster is and more importantly, how McTiernan keeps it hidden, saving the big reveals for when they'll make the biggest impact.

I love Predator. Good people love Predator.

Anything Else?

Nope. It's Predator. 'nuff said. Be ready to talk about it on Monday!
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