TransformersToday at a junket for the Angelina Jolie spy thriller Salt, Lorenzo di Bonaventura talked to a group of reporters about Transformers 3 and Pet Sematary. Although Michael Bay has been an outspoken critic of 3D, Vincent Pace recently confirmed that Transformers 3 will be shot in 3D using the same type of Pace cameras used in Avatar.

Di Bonaventura said, "Well, we're shooting Transformers 3 in 3D. We're shooting it with the cameras. Not 100%, but we're doing a lot. And it's the future. Michael learned how to do it in about a day. Really, it was unbelievable. We were watching it, [and] it's a cool feeling. We're sitting on the set and we're watching a monitor for 3D glasses on. It feels very 21st century. I don't think every movie is going to become that or not. I think the technology is going to continue to improve so you don't have these, sadly, really awful renditions of 3D. We're finding when we're shooting dialogue scenes in 3D, it's really interesting, it creates a dimension to it. It's kind of interesting. We're actually spending more time shooting non-action elements in 3D than we thought we were ever going to do."

Apparently, Bay wasn't all that difficult to convince when it came to making the switch, at least partially, to 3D. Di Bonaventura added, "We did a lot of tests. And he really liked it after he did it. I'm not sure he'll do every movie in 3D, but he liked it... He really liked it after he did it. I'm not sure he'll do every movie in 3D, but he liked it."
As for Pet Sematary, he dismissed the idea that it would be anything but rated R and that there was no pressure from the studio to make it more appropriate for children.

He would not elaborate on whether or not Mudflap and Skids would make an appearance in T3, but was rather good humored about it when we asked. Actually, he just laughed.