The Zac Efron fans took over the Trailer Park again as last week's poll results have Charlie St. Cloud garnering the most votes, significantly more than second placer Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Will the voters be as enthusiastic about this week's boating-themed movie, Jack Goes Boating? I doubt the Efron fans will be as into it, but it's my number one pick for the week, if only because Amy Ryan is amazing. She appears to upstage Philip Seymour Hoffman, which can't be all that easy, even when he does have a silly hairdo, while somewhat reminding me of a slightly more dramatic version of her character from The Office. The plot of the film does run more hokey-sappy and feel-goodish than either actor is worth. But with Hoffman at the helm, this his first time as director, I'm at least curious. Also, if the current IMDb user ratings are any indication, viewers at Sundance were really into it.

Other trailers this week are similar to Jack Goes Boating's in the way they don't look very strong story-wise but they at least have some appealing acting talents. Welcome to the Rileys looks good primarily because of Melissa Leo (for me, anyway; Twilight fans will obviously be more interested in Kristen Stewart), the latest from Woody Allen, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, looks good solely because of its ensemble, and the comedic cast of the straight-to-DVD Operation: Endgame also interests me. But this is honestly another bad week for trailers, as I'm not completely sold on any of the ten films on my chart based on their latest ads alone.

Check out this week's rankings and vote in the poll after the jump.

1. Jack Goes Boating - Who's idea was it to give Hoffman those gross mini-dreads? [iTunes Movie Trailers]

2. Machete (Trailer #2) - It might not have as much of that Grindhouse tone the "Cinco de Mayo" trailer had, but this is still a pretty awesome spot filled with lots of action and some appealing shots of Jessica Alba in next to nothing. Does anyone else get a sense of deja vu at the beginning, though, when the film starts out sounding like it has the same plot as Jonah Hex? And am I the only person who thinks it would be a good thing to show more Lindsay Lohan? [IGN]

3. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (International Trailer) - Check out a slim-looking Anthony Hopkins in this trailer for Woody Allen's latest. I hate the expository voice-over and that whimsical violin that seems cliche for Woody after all these years, but otherwise it looks relatively good for something from this side of the filmmaker's career. Kinda got a Vicky Cristina Barcelona vibe, only a little blander since it lacks the unbelievable acting of ScarJo and the exceptional acting of Penelope Cruz. [YouTube]

4. The Social Network (Teaser #2) - I like that they're thinking outside the box with these teasers, but the conversational structure of this gimmick reminds me more of a chat site/application, or even Twitter, than the status update feature on Facebook. Plus, if it's about the founding of Facebook, why use such a recent addition, especially when it's kind of a rip-off? Because I'm already down on the thing, here's another complaint about the teaser: it's so fast I barely have enough time to take in that, hey, that's Rashida Jones and there's future Spider-Man Andrew Garfield. [Sony]

5. Welcome to the Rileys - I kinda love that the trailer almost implies another kind of relationship between Kristen Stewart's runaway stripper and James Gandolfini's wannabe father figure. Maybe it's that the film reminds me of American Beauty at first. Or maybe it's also that scene where Gandolfini awkwardly introduces his wife (the great Melissa Leo) to Stewart. "Hey, honey, here's a hot young stripper that I met, umm, not at all at a strip club, and yes she's the reason I didn't come home to you, but it's because I've been acting paternally not lustfully. You believe me, right?" For more Leo, check out the very trite-looking trailer for the returned soldier drama The Dry Land. [Yahoo! Movies]

6. Operation: Endgame (Red Band Trailer) - Sadly, this straight-to-DVD comedy does not look too funny, despite featuring such an excellent cast, including Zach Galifianakis, Rob Corddry, Emile de Ravin, Jeffrey Tambor, Ving Rhames, Adam Scott, Bob Odenkirk and Ellen Barkin. Basically there's at least one representative from each of my favorite TV series of the last five years. There has to be something good about the movie to have attracted all of them, right? [Trailer Addict]

7. Tales From Earthsea - Kinda disappointed in the look of this film from Goro Miyazaki, son of legendary Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. It just doesn't seem on par with the rest of Studio Ghibli films -- though neither does The Borrowers. It doesn't even look as good as the other recent humans and dragons movie, How to Train Your Dragon. Interestingly enough, this trailer comes four years after our first look at the adaptation. [iTunes Movie Trailers]

8. Vampires Suck - I think that I would rather watch no other movies but the Twilight Saga for the rest of my life than see this unfunny parody just once. And I have never had any desire to see the Twilight movies before. [Break]

9. All About Evil - Still, Vampires Suck might at least be better than this John Waters wannabe. Good to see Natasha Lyonne getting some work, though, I guess. [YouTube]

10. Little Obama - Somehow I missed this last week, and I can't say anything about it better than Film Drunk does regarding its near-exact similarities to the new Karate Kid. But I couldn't not showcase a trailer for an Indonesian film about the childhood of our Commander in Chief just because it's a bit on the old side. Surely there are some of you out there who can still be amazed by its existence. [YouTube]