Sometimes, news stays under the radar enough that months later, you run across a title at IMDb and hurriedly start researching in frenzied fan panic. While perusing John Sayles' roster for my latest movie club pick, I came across Amigo, a new Sayles feature in post-production. It seems this project got cooking earlier this year, had a marketing trailer at Cannes, and is currently getting put together in the editing room.

Sayles' first mixed-language film since 1997's Men with Guns, Amigo details the Phillippine-American War (1899-1902), and boasts a cast you are definitely not going to expect -- especially if you're a Sayles fan. Hit the jump for all the goodies.
Once titled Baryo, the film comes from his novel Some Time in the Sun, detailing U.S. imperialism in the Philippines. A year ago, the Los Angeles Times reported that Sayles was having trouble finding a publisher, then almost a year later, they reported that Dave Eggers came to the rescue. Meanwhile, the filmmaker turned the story into a film, which went into production earlier this year on location. Chris Cooper, who has worked on a number of Sayles features, plays the colonel, along with Garret Dillahunt, a new face to the Sayles world, and -- believe it or not -- Road Trip's DJ Qualls. (Joel Torre says that David Strathairn was also planning to be involved -- his first film was Sayles' first -- but scheduling didn't work out.)

Topping off the news, Sayles and his team have a quiet but extensive blog that details the production -- there are pictures, history, the sources he used for visual inspiration -- you name it. The latest post, from just a month ago, even offers up a Cannes teaser trailer (unfortunately, it's not embeddable, so hit the link). So far, there is no word on when it will get released, but I've got my fingers and toes crossed for a TIFF premiere. If not, I might just have to take a premiere road trip. How about you?
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