Earlier this morning I was thinking about how lucky sci-fi fans have been two summers in a row now and how great it would be if the summer streak started by District 9 and maintained by Inception continued into next year. Then I was wondering about what films currently in the pipeline would be contenders to keep that trend of intelligent sci-fi going and the first title that came to mind was Andrew Niccol's I'm.mortal. I hadn't thought about the film much since its initial announcement, but I began wondering whether or not it was on a smooth track for production.

How convenient, then, that I return home to find news that Amanda Seyfried has been cast as the female star of the film, which is set in a futuristic society where the aging process has been defeated entirely. However, to prevent overpopulation, years of life has replaced financial-backed currencies all over the world. Time Keepers are the police force that keep track of how much time each person is spending/receiving, presumably terminating all those who have no more years left in their time bank.
One day a man poor in years suddenly comes into a great deal of years, but the corrupt Time Keepers force believe he obtained said time by killing a rich man, so he's forced to take a female hostage and then go on the lam. The man has yet to be cast, but Variety tells us that Seyfried will be playing his hostage.

Being clueless about the finer details of the script I obviously can't say whether or not this is perfect casting for the role, but I for one am always happy to see the lovely Seyfried attached to a project. I've been a fan reaching back to her days as Lilly Kane inVeronica Mars and it has been great to see her grow from the bubbly blonde to an actress capable of bringing more depth to roles than most actresses in her age bracket.

I'm even happier to see her in a project like this as we've already seen her do comedy, horror, teen dramas, and even romantic thrillers. Director Andrew Niccol is certainly no stranger to the sci-fi genre, though, having written The Truman Show (yay!),S1m0ne (meh) and Gattaca (one of the best sci-fi films of the '00s). I'm not sure what time frame New Regency and Strike Entertainment are looking at to get this finished and into the hands of distributor 20th Century Fox, but I'd certainly like to see this hitting theaters during summer 2011 to keep the streak alive. Assuming it's any good, of course.
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