I know, the Betty White craze is wearing thin and eventually audiences are not going to worship the 88-year-old actress in every single thing she's wanted for, no matter how inspired the idea. She shouldn't appear in Breaking Dawn, she shouldn't host the Oscars, she shouldn't be the next 007 and she shouldn't star as Linda Lovelace in Inferno if Lindsay Lohan suddenly becomes even less available.

However, I do heavily support the suggestion for White to play the title deity in an Oh, God!remake, but only if she can make it through an entire new trilogy and ultimately play both God and Satan in a redo of the third installment, Oh, God! You Devil. Because Betty White is pretty awesome by herself, but two Betty Whites together on the same screen at once might just bring about world peace, put an end to hunger and genocide, stop Global Warming and not only plug up but clean the oil spill enough so it seems it never even happened.
Word of the possibility that White will portray our lord and creator, in the role originated by George Burns in three stand-alone comedies, including one titled Oh, God! Book II, comes from Deadline. Reportedly the newly idolized actress has simply been named in a new pitch for the remake put out to Warner Bros. by producer Jerry Weintraub, who gave us the first of the Burns-headed installments back in 1977.

Also mentioned in the pitch was Paul Rudd, who is wanted for the mortal part previously played by John Denver. That film, directed by Carl Reiner, was based on a novel by Avery Corman and co-starred the lovely Teri Garr. Today, a remake of Oh, God! might seem too much like a knockoff of the Bruce/Evan Almighty films, but if the studio gets this going before the great White revival quiets down, this could be an even bigger redo of a Burns movie than 17 Again.

So, who's going to start the Facebook campaign for this already?
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