Now that we finally know the final book of the The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, will be broken up into two films, we've got another situation to discuss; should Breaking Dawn be in 3D? As reported by MTV, Summit Entertainment caught the 3D bug from the success of its first flick to put the technology to use, Drive Angry. That film's director, Patrick Lussier, explained, "I think Summit has been discovering, as they've been seeing the 3-D material and the ease we've been able to work with it, is that it's an incredibly viable format to work in."

The format's practicality is definitely a plus, but that still doesn't justify shooting the Twilight's next installment in 3D. Studios seem to be forgetting that adding a third dimension doesn't mean you can cut back on quality and Summit is actually thinking about just that. The studio's distribution head, Richard Fay, admitted, "There's certainly a financial part of the discussion." But he also added, "And yes, there's a certain amount of technology that has to be considered and accounted for. But it really comes down to the creative folks." He even mentioned that Summit's 3D debate always comes back to the fans. "A big factor is the perception of our audience. What are their feelings going to be? If it lends itself to being a better movie because of 3-D, then that's the technology we'll use."
Well, that's a thoughtful way of approaching it. Of course I don't know much about what goes on behind closed doors in terms of other studios' to-3D-or-not-3D chats, but based on final products alone, it seems as though the suits only have one thing in mind: the cash. Out of all of the 3D films I've caught, the only three that benefit from the technology are Avatar, How To Train Your Dragon and Despicable Me. See a trend here? It's the animated material that works best when popping out at you. Vivid characters and imaginative scenarios get a boost from the extra dimension whereas live-action material only make the technology feel like a gimmick.

As for Breaking Dawn in particular, shooting the film in 3D will likely bring the fans nothing more than an indentation on their noses and maybe a headache. Perhaps that notable battle scene in Eclipse might have impressed with the added dimension, but otherwise, Twilight is a drama and who wants to see Bella mope around in 3D? I can just hear the Twihards now, "Oh, Jacob's abs in 3D!" Sorry, that's not good enough for me. After Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, I'm saying the series is about 1.5 for 3 (Eclipse being a winner and Twilight being the one that grew on me over time), so the top priority here needs to be the content and nothing more. We can't run the risk of having attention taken off the basics.

What do you think: Should Breaking Dawn go 3D, or remain in 2D like the rest of the films in the franchise?
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