As man's best friends and loyal companions, pets have had indelible parts in movies throughout the years. Whether they're getting their human counterparts into trouble, helping them out of a fix or proving amazingly resourceful on their own (as in the upcoming 'Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore'), these animals not only stay faithful to the end, they manage to look adorably cute throughout. Here are some notable examples.
Puss in BootsPuss In Boots -- 'Shrek 2'
Pray for mercy -- this swashbuckling breakout from the 'Shrek' films had viewers purring with delight with his arsenal of weapons: That sexy Antonio Banderas voice. The Latin lover swagger. And those adorable liquid eyes! We're not the only ones who can't get enough of this cat; there's a spin-off movie in the works coming November 2011.

TotoToto -- 'The Wizard of Oz'
Dorothy's faithful companion had his share of notable moments in 'The Wizard of Oz': The Cairn Terrier was a dutiful sounding board to Judy Garland's famous "We're not in Kansas anymore" line from the 1939 classic. The Wicked Witch of the East West threatened not only Dorothy, but her "little dog, too!" And it was Toto who was responsible for arguably the movie's biggest reveal of all -- pulling the curtain on the Wizard himself.

HoochHooch -- 'Turner & Hooch,'
That destructive and drooly, beer-swilling mastiff teamed up with Tom Hanks in the 1989 mismatched buddy comedy. In 'Turner & Hooch,' Hanks plays Turner, a fastidious detective trying to solve a murder. Problem is, the only witness was the victim's slobbery dog. Played by a dog named Beasley in his first feature role, Hooch made for a worthy bosom buddy for Hanks, as the dog's copious slobber was matched by his heaps of devotion and heroics. And darn it if the movie doesn't leave you choked up and dribbling when the credits roll.

BabeBabe -- 'Babe'
All together now: Baa Ram Ewe! 1995's titular oinkster and wannabe sheepdog endeared himself to moviegoers and saved himself from being served alongside eggs and toast with his courteous, yet effective sheep-herding abilities. And Babe was never more adorable as when he sang out of tune. That'll do, pig. That'll do.

BoltBolt -- 'Bolt'
A loyal pup oblivious to the fact that he's not a supercanine, TV megastar Bolt (voiced by John Travolta) goes on a cross-country trek to reunite with his human pal (Miley Cyrus) in 2008's smart and savvy animated Disney feature.

LassieLassie -- 'Lassie Come Home'
What's that you say, girl? That even though hard times forced your family to sell you in 1943's 'Lassie Come Home,' you still made the long trek home to your rightful owner? And how that movie spawned a successful television series and generations of collie lovers to come? Woof -- there it is.

GarfieldGarfield -- 'Garfield'
The lazy, lasagna-loving feline adapted from Jim Davis' popular comic strip got Bill Murray's voice in not one, but two live-action feature films, the first in 2004 and then in the 2006 sequel, "A Tale of Two Kitties." Still hates Mondays, though.

Beethoven -- 'Beethoven'
The irascible St. Bernard with the composer's name got into so much mischief in 1992 with his adopted family that he inspired four sequels. Not such a ruff life for this adorable troublemaker.

BruiserBruiser -- 'Legally Blonde'
Elle Woods' chic chihuahua in the 'Legally Blonde' series is both a faithful pal and a fashionable accessory. He also, as we discover, is out and proud, taking up with a congressman's Rottweiler in 2003's sequel 'Red, White & Blonde.'

Mr. BigglesworthMr. Bigglesworth -- 'Austin Powers'
The fur-challenged pet to the bald Dr. Evil lost his hair after his space trip in the cryogenic capsule at the end of the first 'Austin Powers' film in 1997. He may not have had much of a role in Dr. Evil's schemes, but he's still a cat you don't want to cross. Because when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, people die!

MarleyMarley -- 'Marley & Me'
The golden Labrador retriever from 2008's 'Marley & Me' was so incorrigible that his owner dubbed him the "world's worst dog." And it's precisely because this dog-training school dropout and star of of John Grogan's hit memoir adaptation caused so much mayhem that it took five hankies to get over it by the film's end.

Breakfast at Tiffany'sCat -- 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
Oh, Cat. The orange tabby in 1961's 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' may not have had a proper moniker, but he and Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) got along like two peas in a pod. "Poor slob without a name! The way I look at it I don't have the right to give him one. We don't belong to each other," Holly purred. A fitting symbol of Holly's flightiness, Cat had a major role in Golightly's self-realization at the end of Blake Edwards' film.

CrookshanksCrookshanks -- Harry Potter
Hermione's pet feline, apparently half Kneazle, first came across as a standoffish sourpuss who had it out for Ron Weasley's rat Scabbers in the 'Harry Potter' series. But Crookshanks proved its mettle when the cat sniffed out that Scabbers was actually not a rat, but ratty Peter Pettigrew in disguise in 2004's 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.'

The Black StallionThe Black Stallion -- 'The Black Stallion'
Okay, so kids don't usually keep Arabian horses as pets. But once you've shared sugar cubes and get shipwrecked and marooned on a desert island, as Alex was in this 1979 film, you get to form a bond. It's no wonder he wanted to keep him in his backyard.

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