Even though David Lynch was able to pull Mulholland Drive out of the mess of Hollywood dealings and morph a new television series into a great feature film, that was the last straw for the filmmaker. He then set out on his own, giving most of his time to his own website and self-funded deals, and his ever-strong commitment to transcendental meditation. But now Lynch wants to make another film, and he wants his fans to fund it.

Don't get too excited -- this isn't the next look into red curtains, troubled sex, and dysfunctional life. Instead, it's another documentary about the filmmaker.
The Lynch three Project will make a full-length documentary about the filmmaker which will be called LYNCHthree. There's no word on what the film will consist of, but considering the three, I wonder if it will focus on his three main areas of interest -- art, film, and meditation. (If someone knows, chime in below!)

Fans can contribute to the production donating $50, which will make them a member of the project, allowing them to see exclusive footage and get a print, t-shirt, or bag for their help. Though you'll be an investor in the film, it won't include a DVD when the doc is completed, because as they explain: "Territorial rights related to future distribution deals makes it impossible for us to offer the finished DVD as a gift to all of our international supporters."

It is, certainly, an interesting idea -- and you get something for it -- but is it enough? Is some exclusive content and a t-shirt a nice trade-in for $50? If it was a new fictional film, it might be more enticing, but instead, this is just one in many behind-the-scenes looks at the filmmaker, like the excellent Pretty as a Picture.
It's too bad they don't include a half or full-year membership into his member website for the donation as well, then at least there's a way into the site, which is no longer accepting new members, and added value that doesn't come with any production costs.

Are you ready to invest in biographical Lynch? Is he taking the right non-Hollywood route to his projects? Weigh in below.
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