Christopher Nolan's Inception comes out this Friday, and I know lots of people are excited about it because it looks great (check out Todd's review here). There are, however, groups of fans who are excited about it for an entirely different reason as well -- with Inception out of the way, Nolan can finally devote his full attention to the film Bat-maniacs have been clamoring for since the end of The Dark Knight: a third Batman film.

Over the past few years we've heard countless rumors about the project. They've all turned out to be false, but we do know Nolan is working on prepping the third film. Now, website io9 is reporting that Warner Bros. has registered a slew of new Batman domain names. What does this mean? Is the studio laying the groundwork for a viral marketing campaign for the next movie? It's possible. Read more after the jump ...
However, judging from the list of domain names, which include and, I get the feeling these are probably for the Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 videogame. Maybe not all of them, though -- there are some intriguing ones buried in the list that might be for a new film:,,, and are just a few of the examples.

Whether any of these are for Nolan's third Batman movie or not, one thing remains clear -- we're sure to be hearing a lot of news and rumors about the film in the months ahead now that the filmmaker is free to concentrate on it. If you love comic movies in general and Batman in particular, that alone is good news.