Looks like it's about that time for the Superman rumors to start infiltrating our Man of Steel-lovin' brains as folks at Warner Bros. apparently move toward the next step of production by seeking out a director and star. While last week's rumor that Chris Columbus was up for the directorial gig was quickly debunked, the fact that we're beginning to hear more and more rumblings probably means the wheels are definitely beginning to turn.

This latest rumor comes from Geek Tyrant, who claim their sources "on the lot" have informed them that Jonathan Nolan (Christopher Nolan's brother) is currently the "unannounced director" of the new Superman movie. The other Nolan has been rumored to be up for the gig ever since his brother came onboard to sort of "godfather" the project with writer David Goyer. I'm not sure if Warners would give such a large project to a first-time director like Jonathan, especially with Christopher off waist-deep in another Batman movie and not readily available to help his brother out. That said, if there was a package deal agreed upon when Nolan and Goyer came on -- and if that deal involved Jonathan directing the movie -- then maybe there is some truth to it. If that wasn't originally part of the deal, though, then I just don't see them trusting this big of a movie to a first-time director. But I guess we'll see.

The other part of the rumor is a lot more intriguing to me as it signals the start of another casting circus. And if it's anything like the recent Spider-Man casting debacle, then we're in for one heckuva overly annoying ride. Find out who they're looking at after the jump ...

I really dig Zachary Levi. If it was up to me, I'd halt everything right here and sign the guy up to play Superman. One thing Levi brings to the table that Routh didn't is instant charisma. You can't help but like the guy. If you've watched the TV show Chuck, then you're familiar with Levi -- you know he can do the clumsy, fish-out-of-water thing -- but at the end of the day he's got a great contemporary Clark Kent look going on, and he's definitely capable of turning on the action if need be. Plus he's not too big of a name, but he's familiar enough to get people excited about the project. I like Levi. I like Levi a lot.

Whether or not this is just another bogus rumor or if there's some truth to it, we don't really know just yet (I'd expect to hear denials from the Levi camp within 24 hours). What do you think about Levi as Superman? Does he work? And what about Jonathan Nolan as director? Shouldn't the guy have to prove himself in front of the camera before landing one of the biggest (and most important) directorial gigs of the decade?
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