Warning: I am entering cynic mode.

The only way this news story will be of interest to you is if you actually like the cancelled Jennifer Love Hewitt-starring series, Ghost Whisperer. If you're not into what is essentially the Lifetime Channel equivalent of Goosebumps, then you too shall soon be rolling your eyes and groaning at the idea of ABC giving a thumbs up to Ghost Town and Ghost World from Ghost Whisperer producers Kim Moses and Ian Sander. Ghosts!
I'm not sure which of the two sounds less appealing, as they're both pretty awful prospects, but if I had to pick one to instantly pull the trigger on it would be Ghost Town. Deadline tells us it's a reality show about real-life psychic medium Maureen Hancock as she travels "coast to coast calling up the past, seeing the future, and contacting spirits." That's right, yet another reality show about trying to capture glimpses of the other side. There certainly aren't any of those on television already.

The only reason I don't want to instantly kill Ghost World is because it sounds like each episode would make one hell of a drinking game: "it is about a ghost on the other side who helps an ambitious young female homicide detective solve crimes in the hopes of uncovering clues to his own life and death and centers on the mysterious, intense and sometimes infuriating connection the two feel toward each other." Take a drink every time you wish you weren't watching a show that's basically one of the fake show's the fake actress Sarah Marshall worked on and you'll have a grand old time.
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