After 29 years of Oscar specials, where she hung out with the rich and famous, sometimes asked pressing questions and sometimes getting lap dances, Barbara Walters decided to hang up her pre-Academy Awards badge. She did one last special this year before saying sayonara to that biz called show. It seemed like the tale of a woman moving on -- she did the interviews for almost 30 years, and is now the ripe old age of 80. If there's any time to quit, it's now.

But she's not done with movies and Hollywood stories. She's just itching to turn the camera on herself.
The NY Post reports that Barbara Walters is talking to HBO about making a "for-the-record" movie about her life and career. She's interested in something similar to Teddy: In His Own Words, and wants it to be an adaptation of her own memoir, Audition. Naturally, the first question is how worthy or investigative a documentary can be when its made by the subject rather than an outside party.

According to The Washington Post's review: "There are moments when you're tempted to groan -- she has a sycophantic weakness for royalty and at times writes about herself as she would about the Hollywood celebs she relentlessly profiles -- but she quickly corrects course with unexpected candor that is completely disarming." The memoir details the famous people she's interviewed, from Cher to Fidel Castro, and shares a look into the media surrounding her speech impediment, her affair with married African American senator Edward Brooke, and her personal struggles with marriage and motherhood.

Still, I'd be happier with this news without her involvement. Her accomplishments are impressive, as is her impact, but even candor doesn't replace the objectivity and discussion that can come from an outside eye.

What do you think? Are you ready to see Barbara Walters unfold her life for HBO?
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