Hopefully this will take Brett Ratneraway from even looking in the direction of The Hobbit: according to 24 Frames, the Rush Hour director may helm a long-in-development action movie based on the legends and labors of Hercules for producer Avi Lerner, the man who's also behind the Conan and Red Sonja reboots. Ratner was once set to direct that Conan film, but the project was taken over by Marcus Nispel (Pathfinder). So instead he's potentially got this other character once played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Ratner's last feature film was 2007's Rush Hour 3 and we've since been taunted with many potential follow-ups for the guy (including that mean tease about the Hobbit), though mostly he's appeared to be concentrating on producing -- and attempting to make Bollywood flicks more accessible to American audiences. With his link to Hercules, though, it's clear he's been wanting some kind of swords-and-sandals epic to get behind. Can he handle the Roman demigod?
Well, let's think in terms of pleasing the mythology crowd. As I noted three years ago when this Millenium Films version was announced, there hasn't really ever been a great Hercules movie. But you know they're going to at least aim for something on par with the new Clash of the Titans and its fast-tracked sequel, as well as the equally similar Odyssey adaptation set up at Warner Bros. Ratner's Hercules probably won't be some cheap thing with a bodybuilder cast as the lead. But are there any goodactors with a body big and muscular enough for the role? Because no matter who is in the director's chair for this, it mostly only depends on the person playing the hero.
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