A couple of years ago, the petite Tinker Bell was finally flying her way to her own fancy feature film. There were some road blocks -- erm, air bubbles? -- in her path, but that didn't stop the little Tink from getting her cinematic way. But now there's a bigger challenge in the CG wing-flapper's sights. After many years as a maiden of hand and computer art, she is getting ousted by a new real-life version. This time it's not Julia Roberts with a short red bob and skins for clothes. It's a Mouse House feature that will star the lovely Elizabeth Banks. Yes, the same woman who has made a porno and romanced one Jack Donaghy.
Variety reports that Disney is brewing a live-action comedy that will have Banks playing Tinker Bell, with Adam Shankman, Jennifer Gibgot, and McG producing. As usual, the main details are under wraps, with the Mouse House only revealing that the plot will play "with the mischievous nature of the Tinker Bell character." Banks has actually had a hand in the development of the story, though the pens of Elizabeth Wright Shapiro and McG will write the script.

I can't say that it's bad casting. She's a dead ringer for Disney's version of Tink, and it will be so very excellent to see Tink move beyond the vastly out-of-proportion hourglass figure. But what do you think? Are you clapping to help get Tinker Bell onto the big screen in human form, or do you wish she'd remain Disney's cartoon creation?
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