We wonder about their strengths, weaknesses, and passions. We wonder how they'd work together (bring on The Avengers!) and who would win a fight. What we don't often wonder is how religion plays into the whole affair. It's natural that this aspect of the superhero world doesn't get much mainstream play. A whole movie could be centered just on how god can exist in a world of unstoppable heroes and galaxies full of life forms.

BoingBoing just shared the above image, which sees Spider-Man, Superman, the Hulk, and even Wolverine partaking in prayer. The image is a cropped, and higher-res version of "Superhero Sholat," which has our favorite heroes barefoot and bending their heads for an Indonesian Muslim prayer ritual. Of course, this is nothing more than an artistic intermingling of comic icons and religion, but it's far from the only connection.
Did you know that we live in a world where there are Prayer Warriors -- masked superheroes ready to preach the faith? With the young folk increasingly ambivalent to the hierarchy of religion and faith, some people will take any extreme to lure the tykes in. Some ministries equate personal prayer closets with Clark Kent going into that phone booth and coming out Superman, others create wild-looking comic characters for morning Shabbat services.

But it's not just a link made by religions to seem modern and relevant. In 2002, Jeffrey Weiss wrote a piece for The Dallas Morning News about the Thing being Jewish, as he was an alter-ego of Jack Kirby, Jewish comic book creator. The piece notes Daredevil is Catholic, and Nightcrawler wanted to become a Catholic priest, before listing a handful of Jewish, Christian, and "other" heroes. (The others being Dr. Stephen Strange as Master of the Mystic Arts, and Thor being a Norse god.)

But if you're curious for more specifics, and how religion intermingles outside the world of artistic vision, check out this page. It lists not only over-all religious leanings, but more specific branches, from Superman being raised Methodist, to The Specials Minute Man and his ties to the United Church of Christ.

With mainstream interests and creative control, there's not a chance we'll see these guys come together for religious prayer, but their faith is out there -- in one way or another.
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