This past spring, rumors were bubbling that Tom Cruise and Reese Witherspoon were going to team up for a western-themed romance called Paper Wings. And it wasn't just any western, but a film that dared traverse the wake left by Luke Perry and 8 Seconds -- the rodeo. Tom would play a rodeo champ, while Reese would play the country singer he falls in love with.

In the last few months, her name seems to have disappeared from the project, but it's not over and done with -- ol' Tom corralled a who's who of Hollywood names and Scientologists for a table read -- including producer Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.
Reports from the NY Post and Access Hollywood reveal a whole lot more than Tom, Will, and Jada walking out of the Saddle Ranch after a Paper Wings table read. They were followed by Anna Kendrick, Milo Ventimiglia, Eric Dane, Tom Arnold, Chad Michael Murray, Johnny Galecki, Tate Donovan, Tom Skerritt, and Jenna Elfman. As the Post points out, some of those names (especially at the end) are tight with the Scientology circuit.

One might think this means an all-in-the-family religious affair to intermingle a little acting with new recruits. However, a rep told access: "Please note that any actor's presence at this table read does not mean that they have officially signed onto this project." I imagine Cruise probably called in some favors to fill in the empty seats, and we shouldn't expect Tate, Tom, and Jenna to be involved, though Mr. Skerritt is a good match for rodeo romances. And, unless Jenna Elfman is Reese's replacement, they're still without a leading star. Assuming -- oh god, I hope it's safe to assume -- that Ms. Too-Young-For-Cruise Kendrick isn't the potential replacement.

Are you ready for Tommy to ride a bucking bronco?
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