It comes as no surprise that last week's Trailer Park poll winner is Welcome to the Rileys with 31%. But will you voters actually go see a non-Twilight Kristen Stewart movie? Because they tend not to do as well as you'd think given her apparent star power.

There are no Stewart trailers this week but fans of both Jon Hammand Zach Galifianakisshould be happy, as each actor features in two trailers each. If only they had a movie together (one day, I'm sure). But at least we can go back and re-watch the episode of Between Two Fernsin which Hamm is the guest. Unlike in the past couple weeks, this roundup features a pretty great crop of trailers. Hamm's films look a little better than Galifianakis', but neither appears in anything being sold as well as The Social Network, which easily takes the top spot this week thanks mainly to the music chosen for its soundtrack. After two clever but ineffective -- in my opinion -- teasers, Mark Woolen & Associates has hit this thing out of the park.

Joining the Facebook movie in the top three this week are two intriguing little teasers, one for the Spanish sci-fi flick Eva and one for the dark adaptation of The Wind in the Willows. Which of these or the other trailers we've seen this week is your favorite? Watch 'em all and the vote in the poll after the jump.
1. The Social Network- Who would have thought a film about Facebook could look so great? Suddenly a film that initially seemed like a social network version of 21 is instead now sparking Oscar buzz. Of course, if this trailer is giving a boost to anything its the Scala and Kolacny Brothers choir, whose cover of Radiohead's "Creep" can be heard throughout. [Yahoo! Movies]

2. Eva (International Teaser) - One of my favorite under-appreciated actors, Daniel Bruhl (Inglourious Basterds), stars in this Spanish sci-fi film involving robotics. I don't get what the heck he's doing in most of this teaser, but I hope one day the computer companies make it a reality as they did with the similar-looking yet flatter technology first seen in Minority Report. I can't wait until my Android phone lets me create balls out of clear tinker toys that I then toss into the brain of an actual android. It'll probably be about the same time American audiences take notice of Bruhl. [Twitch]

3. The Wind in the Willows (Teaser)- There's not much to see in this teaser other than a bunch of titles, the most important of which associates this with the work of Peter Jackson (it employs his special effects studio, Weta Workshop), and a quick look at a very creepy version of Mr. Toad. But I also get a Tim Burton mixed with Guillermo del Toro vibe from this, which makes me very excited. Should be a wild ride... []

4. The Town- Commenter Tony le Stephanois hit the nail on the head by calling this Ben Affleck-directed thriller Heat meets Point Break in Boston. But let's not forget it also features Don Draper with a big gun. [iTunes Movie Trailers]

5. Howl- Speaking of Jon Hamm, here he is again, and back in the mid-20th century where he belongs, in a film about Allen Ginsberg (played by James Franco) and the obscenity trial over his poem "Howl." It's hard to get a feel for this film from the trailer, with its repeated shots and back and forth between color and black and white. I can't deny I wish Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman would make more documentaries rather than familiar-looking biopics, but I also can't deny the star power of this film is drawing me in big time. [Moviefone]

6. Devil - And speaking of Mad Men, this movie stars the lucky guy who's married to Anna Hendricks (Geoffrey Arend). All I'll say is that I've been stuck in an elevator before, for a long time, with my claustrophobic, acrophobic mother. This doesn't look that scary or stressful compared to my experience, but I still am intrigued to find out what's going on in there. I'm hoping the title doesn't give it away. [Moviefone]

7. Biutiful - This trailer for the latest acclaimed drama from Alejandro González Iñárritu gets such a low placement on the chart because of that numbing salesman-esque voice-over. Watch it with the sound off and it works much better, because all you really need is a look at Rodrigo Prieto's gorgeous cinematography. And Javier Bardem's gorgeous face. [Empire]

8. Due Date -I love all the guys involved -- Robert Downey, Jr., Zach Galifianakis, Jamie Foxx, writer-director Todd Phillips, even that cute little dog -- but there can only be one Planes, Trains and Automobiles and if this new comedy even mentions the word "pillows" at any point I will just have to walk out of the theater. [Yahoo! Movies]

9. It's Kind of a Funny Story- More Galifianakis. But also less Galifianakis, if you know what I mean. And why can't mental hospital romances be between really insane people anymore, like in David and Lisa? Emma Roberts' "I Hate Boys" t-shirt has nothing on Keir Dullea's hatred of physical touch between anyone. [Yahoo! Movies]

10. Exam- Here's a potentially good movie to pair up with Devil for a closed-space thriller double-feature. I was a lot more into this British cross between The Apprentice, The Breakfast Club and Saw before the Saw part completely took over, but it still looks pretty tight. I don't think it's hitting theaters, unfortunately, but IFC premieres the film on VOD this month. [Twitch]