What happens when a hot young pop star expresses interest in becoming a movie star? He gets the opportunity of course! Just a few moths after telling Teen Vogue he wants his own 8 Mile, Justin Bieber is getting just that. As reported by Hollywood Life, a script is in the works for a Bieber biopic.

The site's industry insider revealed, "There currently isn't a final script, but just like Eminem did in 8 Mile, Justin will star!" Then that individual went on to get a laugh out of Bieber's pintsize status saying his film "should be called 4 Mile, or Half Mile." Fail.

For anyone who isn't a teenage girl, it's instinctual to dismiss this concept completely. The kid's only been in the spotlight for a year and he's already earned his own film? He's certainly talented and can draw a nice crowd, but that alone can't justify him starring in his own film. There has been some buzz about him appearing in the Valentine's Day sequel New Year's Eve, so let's see what he can do there before jumping the gun on this one.

However, there is a bright side to this concept; Bieber certainly has an interesting history that could make for good source material. His mother was only 18 when she became pregnant and went on to raise him as a single parent. His childhood wasn't as troubled as Eminem's, but it could still make for a heartfelt opening. Back in 2007 he participated in a local singing competition. His mother posted his second place performance on YouTube and little Bieber became an online sensation.
His mother continued to upload his performances and eventually the right person stumbled upon them, ex-marketing executive of the record label So So Def Scooter Braun. Braun swooped Bieber up and took him to Atlanta to record some demos. That's when Bieber met Usher who hooked him up with an audition at Island Def Jam Music Group. The kid was signed to Island Records, they released his first single "One Time" and Beiber fever commenced.

I'm all for a feature film telling his story, but Bieber himself should not be in front of the camera. If whoever is in charge of this production is looking to achieve something on the Disney Channel level, fine; have Bieber play Bieber. But if we're talking a serious feature film, the only way to get the masses involved – beyond those who plaster his face all over their bedroom walls – we've got to have some serious acting talent heading this one up.
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